At the beginning of September AEZA was looking after 70 dogs, 36 in the shelter and 34 in foster homes.
109 dogs arrived at the shelter this year. This is the total of adults and puppies.
9 were reunited with their owner.
11 died (3 adults and 8 puppies).
2 were euthanized.
87 were rehomed (23 in Portugal, 6 in the UK and 58 in Germany).
All adult dogs are sterilised. All are vaccinated, tested for heartworm and treated for internal and external parasites. Dogs are given medical treatment if necessary. Thereafter they are protected from heartworm and internal and external parasites.

AEZA has a very small cattery. It also monitors and protects 14 feral cat colonies in the concelho, sterilising, providing medical care and food.
In September AEZA was looking after 17 cats. This is the total of adults and kittens.
39 cats arrived at the shelter this year.
1 was reunited with the owner.
2 kittens died.
19 were rehomed (8 in Portugal, 9 in the UK and 2 in Germany).
All cats and kittens are vaccinated and the adults sterilised. They are medicated if necessary.

Vet costs regularly exceed €1000 per month and can rise to €3000 during sterilisation campaigns.

We need volunteers as there are only six people who run the association, all volunteers. We need foster parents for dogs and cats. We need dog walkers on Tuesday and Friday at 10.30 and Sunday at 2.30. There are many other ways in which you could help, so please contact us either on our Facebook pages or our website at www.aeza.org.

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