Our Sterilisation Campaign, supported by The Camâra Municipal de Aljezur, in October and November 2014 was a great success. In total over one hundred cats and dogs were neutered. Feral cats were trapped, neutered and returned (TNR). We also part-funded neutering of domestic dogs and cats where the owners would have found it difficult to pay the whole cost. These initiatives are a great help in controlling unwanted pregnancies, preventing abandoned puppies ending up on our doorstep and kittens being dumped in the rubbish bins for us to deal with.
I am always pointing out that our association is not just for the animal lovers amongst us but for everyone! Before we started our work in 2001, feral dog packs roamed the area and it was not uncommon to see a bitch on heat being pursued by over a dozen hopeful male dogs, leading to ferocious fights, sometimes to the death. Abandoned puppies and kittens were the norm then and, although it does happen now, it is rarer than it used to be. Our work is not just beneficial to the animals, it helps our whole community and environment.
Here are some photographs of cats from some of the feral colonies we support. Two are in Aljezur, one by the old church and one by the GNR, four more are in Alfambras, Rogil, Almarjanito and Vale da Telha.
On a lighter note, during the campaign local people not only offered our team a taste of pork and wild mushrooms but a glass of medronho too! Volunteering for AEZA can be full of pleasant surprises.

Alfambras 1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Rogil 1 Rogil 3 Aljezur old church GNR colony 2 V da T 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Alfambras 2

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